OEM socks

OEM socks ソックス

The reason why our company is the No.1 in the market of major select shops

 We have continued to manufacture socks mainly since we were established.
 For needles and the thickness of the fabric, jacquard, rib, and X-machine, the process and production methods are complex and difficult. At the time of commercialization, socks are significantly different from the image of product designed. So, we've been utilizing our experience, knowledge, sense to overcome from that. What kinds of thread and machine we should use to meet the needs of our customers. Can you make something that you imagine exactly as your satisfaction.
 As we referred, we can determine it quickly by the knowhow of the company. Therefore, our products have been loved by many fans for many years. Our products have been captured in the market of specialty stores.

Developed “Shoes-in-Socks”

 Our company always tries to make a new product. For example, “Shoes-in-Socks” is developed by our company. Also "knitting" was produced by our company the first in the world.
 Even though “Shoes-in-Socks” is now in common, when we produced it, we went through many difficulties and errors. After the result, you are now wearing “Shoes-in-Socks”.

The skilled craftmen have made up a pair and
pair of socks carefully and sincerely

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